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We have been scribing & cleaving semiconductor lasers and wafers since the inception of these devices.

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Your application and its challenges are unique. Leverage our expertise to increase production and realize a measurable return on your investment.

Automation. Flexibility. Yield.

The LSD-155 and LSD-155Lt combine these essential factors with accuracy and ease of use.

Loomis designs and manufactures precision scribe dicing machines employing patented technologies to handle the unique needs of our clients. These machines are ideal for cleaving and dicing laser diodes, optical detectors, MMICs, transistors, light emitting diodes, and more.
LSD-155 Close up
Colorful silicon wafers

Consistent yields with clean, efficient and debris-free die starts with our proprietary precision scribe tool. The toolholder is designed for accurate scribing at the optimum angle, force and speed. Controlled-strain cleaving is custom configured.

We work with you to develop processes that meet your application’s unique needs.