About Scribing

Success starts with a perfectly aligned diamond scribe line

Scribe line quality is the critical factor for effective wafer dicing. The scribe line created by a Loomis scribe tool is superior due to our proprietary designs and meticulous attention to details in the manufacturing process.

Loomis proprietary T-bar scribe tool
Loomis innovative scribe tool holder allows unmatcched control

Every facet and feature of a Loomis scribe tool exists to create the optimum scribe line. The leading edge of the diamond point encourages ductile flow of material around the point as it travels across the wafer, much like the flow of water around the keel of a boat.

The trailing edge is polished to incredible sharpness and is responsible for the stress crack that travels down into the wafer. Lines created with our diamond scribe tools break cleanly and leave edges on the resultant dice that have integrity and strength.

The dice are clean and ready for "die attachment" or coating without further processing.

The Loomis scribe system outperforms all other scribing systems for repeatable optimal scribe lines.

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