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Loomis Industries designs precision wafer dicing machines for the high-technology semiconductor industry. The machines incorporate the power of advanced positioning technologies and a real-time imaging system that yields dice with industry-leading reliability — and that means a lot to our customers’ bottom line. The machines are also easy to use and customizable, capable of being tailored to the specific installation or application requirements of each customer.

Loomis historical product images
For nearly 50 years, Loomis Industries has provided state-of-the-art products, and timely and meaningful customer support.

Since 1974, Loomis Industries has been collecting and extending a body of knowledge pertaining to scribing and breaking, and how it can best be applied to your project.

While semiconductor manufacturing has demanded refinements in the process of scribing and breaking, the basic tenets remain the same. The Loomis method is the logical application of knowledge gained from decades of studying the minute intricacies and ponderous details of scribing and breaking.

Loomis Industries is a prime contributor to the technology of scribing and breaking semiconductor wafers. We are proud of our contributions to this science and of our role as technological leaders. Our focus on automation, flexibility and yield puts us at the forefront of the industry.

Our commitment to our customers’ success is unmatched. Contact us for more information or a demonstration.

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