Loomis designs and manufactures precision scribe dicing machines employing patented technologies to handle the unique needs of our clients.

Loomis Industries has set the standard for automation, productivity and flexibility.

These machines are ideal for cleaving and dicing laser diodes, optical detectors, MMICs, transistors, light emitting diodes, and more.


Loomis Industries LSD-155

The hardware behind the LSD-155 is the key to its speed, precision and accuracy.

The LSD-155 can be configured to function with your existing equipment and process requirement by using common wafer holding media. These include 6″ and 7″ ring pairs, saw frames, the Loomis square frame, or vacuum plate. A variety of scribe tools, objective lenses, mandrels and breaking options are available to optimize the process to your specific application.


Loomis Industries LSD-155Lt scribe and break machine
Fast, focused precision using pivoting break wheel technology.

The LSD-155Lt can be configured to function with your existing equipment and process requirement by using the same common wafer holding media and accessories as the LSD-155, except for the break bar.

Software Control Package

Loomis Industries software control package
Ease of Operation

The Loomis Software Control Package has the features for processing your material efficiently.

Loomis dicing machines are driven by a computer system incorporating advanced positioning technologies, a real-time imaging system, and pattern recognition. The control software, developed with extensive customer input, accommodates specific user requirements, fully controlling speeds, pressures and other specifics about your wafer. The LSD-155’s highly refined vision algorithms find, align, and process your material with minimal operator supervision.

Once a recipe has been developed, an operator only needs to load the material and press “Start”, allowing the machine operator to perform other tasks.

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