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Replacement Parts and Reconditioning Services

Parts are available for current-model Loomis Scribers. In some cases parts are available for previous models. Contact us for assistance.

Loomis scribe tool

Scribe Tools

(for Loomis scribers only)

Several models are available depending on your application. Worn scribe tools may allow for reconditioning at our facility depending on previous use. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Break wheel accessory product number location

Break Wheels

Full and limited contact break wheels are available depending on your application. Contact us to discuss your needs. The diagram shown here may help you to identify the proper break wheel for your application.

Additional Parts

Square Frames

Square Frames are available in High and Low Tension models for wafer dicing.

Dicing Films

A variety of dicing films are available ranging from low-tack to UV-release.

Hoop Rings and Shipping Containers

Hoop ring sets for wafer expansion and storage are available in 6″, 7″, and 8″ diameters. Shipping containers are available for the hoop sets listed.

Tape Hoop Mounting Fixture

For mounting dicing film onto grip rings. Also used for expanding and stretching film after dicing.

Contact us to discuss additional parts ordering.

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