Expert Consulting

We have been scribing & cleaving semiconductor lasers and wafers since the inception of these devices.

We are proud of our contributions to this science and of our role as technological leaders.

Each client’s application is unique and presents distinct challenges. We take an active role in defining processes that help our clients increase their production and ultimately realize a measurable return on their investment. As a customer of Loomis Industries, you can expect prompt support and solutions for your specific application.

Scribe and Break is a Delicate Process

Ideally, scribe and break, and its variations, is a clean process that yields well-shaped devices. When the dicing film is stretched after processing, the chips are separated and ready for pick and place.

What is “ideal”? The combination of a compatible wafer, the proper diamond, mandrel, and breaking device for the type of substrate, and the correct settings for the diamond angle, diamond height, scribe pressure, scribe speed, break wheel type, wheel height, alignment, break pressure, and break speed.

Our consulting services focus on determining and defining processes to achieve the ideal for each customer.

Introductory Scribing

In this initial step, we define the operating procedures that will help you to achieve optimal performance from our precision scribe dicing equipment. You will have tangible evidence of the value we provide.